We are Homeschool Life LLC. We provide tools and guidance for those parents who wish to homeschool their children in a peaceful environment.

Why us? We are engineers and are used to critical analysis and problem solving – we love it! It’s what challenges us. We are not members of the ivory-tower academia. We are real people who homeschool now and passionately believe that we can help you in your efforts to educate the next generation – our legacy. We can help you with this challenge and we have a solution if you are truly committed to the benefits of homeschooling.

One of those benefits is improving the parent/child relationship. Homeschooling promotes lifelong bonds and instills values and family harmony. Many children who are struggling in school may not just have problems with the subject matter, but with the stressful environment as well. Bullying from peers or teachers can cause many normally creative children to shut down. Homeschooling alleviates this problem - especially when it is done in a peaceful environment. We can show you how to peacefully and successfully teach as well.