Why Donate to Homeschool Life LLC?

Our Mission:

We support families who want to homeschool their children by providing them with the tools necessary for that goal. We coach parents on methodology, approach and provide our expertise that encourage a peaceful learning environment. Much of our philosophy is based on the work of Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget and other researchers of child development who promote creativity and discovery. We understand the need for many parents to find a path through the confusion of how to start, build and maintain a homeschooling program that best fits their individual needs regarding the values and goals they want for their children.

To Help Families:

We need your help to facilitate this endeavor because one of the major reasons is that people who want to homeschool are having to make financial adjustments and your donations can help them with our coaching and consultation. We want to keep costs down and offer additional services for free.

To Help Us:

We also need your help to further our work in research and development of homeschooling tools, and for promoting homeschooling as the solution to establish a better society.